2017 Summary

Not a good year at all: lots of injuries and illnesses plus work getting in the way.

Over the course of the year, that showed by a weight gain of 2.6kg/5.7lbs.

I cycled 119km in May, June and August rather than trying to cycle regularly at the weekends.

My running was limited to just 121km and May’s total came purely from just the MK Half-Marathon.

Walking to and from work with the occasional weekend wandering led to a total of 666km, which wasn’t really “Beasting” it…

Must. Try. Harder.

Last Run of 2017?

Five and a half weeks since my last run (in Toronto) and with those extra Christmas pounds to shift in the run-up (ho-ho!) to my wedding. More of a tun-walk-run than a proper run, but with my knee in a brace it was better safe than sorry.

That’s a Weight Off My Mind!

Well it appears that the last time I weighed myself was November 3rd. So having massively overdone it this Christmas – three, yes, three, Christmas Dinners – I’ve only gained 2½lbs.

Still, that sets my benchmark for 2018 and gives me a goal of losing 7-10kg by the summer. No pressure…

Toronto Don Mills 6k

-1.1°C and -6°C with windchill with a sprinkling of snow, mixed in with manflu. Still nice to get out before a long day ahead.

On the Betty Sutherland Trail

Week 40 Day 1 Walk to Work; Run Home

After working out earlier in the week, this was my first run since coming back from Fuerteventura. Dididn’t feel too bad, but lots of – ahem! – “interval traing”, shall we say 🙂

Weight is down 3.3lbs since Monday … which is nice.