Easy 5¼k Tonight

For some reason, this was slightly longer but easier tonight. Maybe it was the thought of a Papa John’s pizza that did it?

First Dark Run of the Autumn

First run-commute after Berlin and the nights are starting to draw in. Too warm as I was expecting rain so I was wearing a rain jacket and it was mild.

Berlin Marathon – Photos and Video

So I ran my first marathon on 27 September 2015: the 42nd Berlin Marathon. Despite having done very little real preparation – you can see my running diary in earlier entries – I finished it in 5 hrs 27 minutes and 23 seconds. This time was engraved on the back of my medal which also shows the world record time set last year, just to rub it in! Anyway, here’s some video of me finishing as well as some of the photos on the course:

Relieved Happy finisher Richard and Alison Crossing the line Approaching the finish Approaching the finish 347374_206011965_XLarge En route Keep on running

An Englishman in New York

Still quite stiff with a couple of dodgy/painful toenails after the weekend’s Berlin Marathon, but running along the High Line was the highlight.

2015 Berlin Marathon

Well that was very much a voyage into the unknown and whilst they measured my time with a calendar, I was pleased to finish.

Pre-Berlin Marathon Warm-Up

As suggested, we went for a short run just to make sure running won’t be such a shock to the system. We only have to do this another 14 times tomorrow…

Last 5k Before Berlin

This was my last 5km run-commute (in the rain too) before running the Berlin Marathon this coming Sunday. I plan to do a quick 15-20 minute run on Saturday near our hotel so it won’t be such a shock to the system when we pop out to run 42.195km…

Sick and Tired

Quite tired after a long day with lots of walking in addition to the run and a cold coming on.

The Sun Shines on the Righteous

Despite the thunder and rain today, it was dry for my walk to work and dry (but windy) for my run home.

Long Week

Lots of people outside the bars and pubs tonight … getting in the way!

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