…and Another One

Testing my new Apple Watch at the same time as another run home after walking to work.

…and a Warmer Run Home

That was a warm one tonight! Despite leaving fairly late on, it was pretty sweaty.

Warm Walk to Work…

As the fenix 3 now supports walking…

Meon Valley Treadmill 5k

The roads around the Meon Valley Marriott Hotel & Country Club are too narrow and twisty to run safely so I did a treadmill run instead … until the Aftershokz Bluez 2 headphones packed in due to me sweating.

Holy Cow!

Knackered after a breakfast seminar and client meetings, but booking in here was partly so I could do this 6km run, slowed down to a standstill by a herd of cattle along the way out and back again!

A Long Day: Training and a Run/Commute

That was hard work: out early, on my feet all day training a Client and a then a run commute in windy conditions.

2nd Walk to Work/Run Home This Week

Very warm and humid run home from work tonight after walking there this morning.

Bloody Tourists!

Bloody tourists! They get in the damn way – it’s not even as though they can’t hear me coming. Grr!

Sunday Testing 7k

Testing time: this time it’s my first time out with the Inov-8 Race Ultra Vest Running Backpack to see how comfortable it is with water on (just the pouch rather than the two bottles). Seems OK with just a bit of rubbing at the neck; I’ll try cinching it up a bit more.

Back in London

Warm and windy and the conditions were similar as well…

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