Milton Keynes Half Marathon 2016 Photos and Video

Here are some photos and my finish line video from Bank Holiday Monday’s MK Half Marathon:

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Milton Keynes Half Marathon 2016

The weather forecast was wrong: it was warm, bright and very windy! Not sure running a 5k race yesterday was wise 🙂

Official chip time was 2:31:50

MK Rocket 5k

Our warm-up run for tomorrow’s Half Marathon and a new PB for me. My chip time was 28:04.

Week 17 Day 3 Run-Commute 4k

So with less than a week before the Milton Keynes Half Marathon, my left ankle was dodgy with the tendons(?) pulling tight at the front, so with discretion being the better part of valour I pulled up short.

And I’ve lost a massive 0.1kg since Saturday!

Week 17 Day 2 Run-Commute 5k

Weather was very changeable so I dressed for cold and wet and it was cold and dry, so I overheated a little. Not too bad time though for me.

Paris Marathon 2017

So last night, whilst idly checking to see when we could enter the ballot for places for the 2017 London Marathon, I pondered about when the ballot would open for Berlin 2017, before realising that 2016’s hasn’t taken place yet! We were unlucky in that we didn’t get into this year’s Berlin Marathon, having successfully(ish) completed it in 2015 but I saw that they also run a half marathon in the first week of April.

Which made me think that Paris have theirs in April too, so I hopped over to the Paris Marathon website and saw that registrations are open. A few clicks and oops! It seems I’ve successfully entered, so on Sunday 9th April 2017, we’ll be in Paris wondering what the hell we’ve done!

Paris Marathon 2017 Number

Paris Marathon 2017 Number

Surrey Docks Weekend 5.2k

Thought I’d check my local section of the London Marathon route for them tomorrow! Hard work after nearly two weeks’ break from running due to work travel. Cold, windy, warm and still, all in one run too.

I’m down about 1lb to 87.6kg

All-new Mazda MX-5 RF | The Reveal


Corralejo 6½k Day 6

Decided to finish as I started but added an additional loop. Quite tired :)

Corralejo 5.3k Day 5

The wind had dropped but the temperature was up! Getting tired too…