Painful, Wheezing 5k Run Commute

Back after a 5 week lay-off due to manflu – still can’t shake it – and injuries. And my ankle isn’t fixed and my knee is playing up again, yadda, yadda…

And worse still, I’ve gained 1lb despite walking 75.4km to and from work.

Week 43 Day 4 Walk to Work

Lots of niggling little injuries and my duff knee is playing up at the moment, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally swap my very old work shoes for proper running shoes – oh the lack of style! – to try to limit the damage being done: last week I walked 49km apparently. So I’ve deided that for these more organised walks – walking to and from work if it’s not raining – I’d use the Garmin and and some new all black Nike Free RNs so I could record the mileage and monitor the life of the shoes to change them at probably 640km rather than the 480km of my running shoes. I almost certainly won’t bother with ‘full’ updates like these for the walks though!

Black Nike Free RN

Black Nike Free RN

Week 43 Run Home

Over a month since my last run and still nursing some niggling injuries, so I stopped the run short. Lost two pounds since before my last holiday which is positive as we overate in Malta 🙂

Ask the Right Question… More Idiocy from Southwark Council

Way back in the mists of time, I wrote a bit about how Southwark Council had decided to make traffic congestion worse on Jamaica Road, SE London by stopping local drivers from using a ‘rat-run’.  Their consultation paper – sent to a tiny minority of extremely localised people – asked a series of heavily biased questions without a “none of the above” option.

Well these fuckwits are at it again: solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist and thereby creating a new one.

They’ve decided that people daring to park on the Western part of Rotherhithe Street – which is a no through road and not exactly busy – are going to be penalised, including all the residents who currently park there.  Their proposals , published at – show only very limited permit parking (at £125 each…) for residents with the rest of the area subject to double yellow lines.

Now there really isn’t an issue with parking on that section of Rotherhithe Street: I walk along it every time I walk to work and there’s plenty of space for parking and no trouble with the road being blocked from the (non-existent) through-traffic by these pesky parkers.

So what would happen when Southwark gets its way? Well quite simply all those vehicles will need to park somewhere else nearby and the nearest parking would be the Eastern side of Rotherhithe Street where there are (currently) very few parking restrictions and no resident-only parking spaces whilst still being a busy through road on the C10 bus route. And when all those vehicles park on ‘our’ street, where will we be able to park? Where will all those coaches that park overnight whilst fetching and carrying kids staying at the local YHA now be able to park? After all, Southwark allowed a new housing development to go up where the coaches used to park. Oh and another new development is going up opposite our house with Southwark’s blessing despite all bar one comment (duplicated 40+ times) objecting to it with no parking spaces included within the development because parking’s not a problem!

Now have a look at the questionnaire. See how it asks what times you’d like the restrictions to apply. There isn’t a “Never” option, is there? Ask the right question…

Modern Toss

Bollocks to this!


So with the Spider semi-run-in, a nice day forecast and a model friend, Miss Pixie, staying and shooting with us at ours, it seemed rude not to give the Spider a good clean and then go and take some photos.

We had planned a Thelma & Louise theme to the shoot, but as it turned out it was far too windy for that, sadly, so we opted for getting Ali and Pixie to pose in and around the car anyway. Thank goodness for heated seats too…

As it turned out, the car looked just as beautiful as they did:

2048-rhmp-2464 2048-rhmp-2389-2 2048-rhmp-2445 2048-rhmp-2406 2048-rhmp-2421 2048-rhmp-2424

Special Delivery

It’s arrived – well, a week ago, but I was in Malta on holiday and then away in the Netherlands on business – so I finally managed to pick up the Abarth 124 Spider this morning from MotorVillage Marylebone.

Roof Down Sitting Pretty Side View Roof Up Side View Roof Up Vettura Numero Sessantanove Rear View, Roof Up

And it’s lovely! Pretty car! A really throaty burble too. Hit the Sport switch and in the wet conditions just as we’d collected it, it was keen to go a little sideways – very controllably. As demanded by friends, we had the theme from the Italian Job playing as we headed down Park Lane and homeward past Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

It’s now all set up for my gadgets and my stuff is in the stash areas, some of which are hidden from view which is a nice touch.

Planning is already under way for a mountain-based Eurothrash in 2017: with the Alps again like last year in the MX-5 or the Pyrenees like I visited on the ZRX.