So Warner Brothers decided to remake “Arthur“, the 1981 hit film,  and then try to sell it to the public (according to an interview I saw on Sky) as having a novel twist: instead of a butler, the new film has Arthur’s Nanny!

Wow! What a fabulous comic turn that is! This is sarcasm, by the way, for the hard of understanding and Hollywood movie moguls.

To make matters worse, they decided to use that completely over-hyped and under-talented Russell Brand for the lead role and trout-lipped cardboard ‘actress’ Jennifer Garner for one of the other roles. Two more reasons to avoid this like the plague.

I wish this would be a complete flop at the box office but I never underestimate the stupidity of the (particularly US) cinema-going public and I expect it to do fine and encourage the studios to make more piss-poor attempts at remaking classics, like they did with Psycho, The Italian Job, Get Carter, Taxi, The Wicker Man, et al.