MK Half Marathon 2017

Three medals for the price of two: MK Half-Marathon 2017, MK Rocket 5K and the 2 Day MK Challenge. Official chip time was 2:48:07. Nowhere near my PB: that’s a result of a lack of training.

So It’s Goodbye From Me…

The end of an era: today, the guy we have sold the MX-5 to came and collected it.

Whilst we loved the MX-5, we really weren’t using it much since we bought the Abarth 124 Spider, so rather than have it sitting there (potentially) rotting away other than an occasional short trip, we decided it would be best to sell it to someone who’d carry on enjoying it as much as we had. So freshly MoT’d and with around 12,500 only, off it went. Sad, but in its best interests.

Week 11 Day 1 Run Commute

So after an eight week lay-off – other than walking to and from work when I can – it was back into my evening run home. What rapidly became clear was a) how my fitness has declined in that time, and hence b) how running the Paris Marathon in less than four weeks would be foolhardy: I’d have done even less preparation than I had when I ran the Berlin Marathon and that was bad enough. So it’s the MK Half Marathon in May and a couple of 10k races and back into the ballot for London and/or Paris 2018. Oh and I’ve gained 1lb in the same eight weeks…