That’s a Weight Off My Mind!

Well it appears that the last time I weighed myself was November 3rd. So having massively overdone it this Christmas – three, yes, three, Christmas Dinners – I’ve only gained 2½lbs.

Still, that sets my benchmark for 2018 and gives me a goal of losing 7-10kg by the summer. No pressure…

Toronto Don Mills 6k

-1.1°C and -6°C with windchill with a sprinkling of snow, mixed in with manflu. Still nice to get out before a long day ahead.

On the Betty Sutherland Trail

Week 40 Day 1 Walk to Work; Run Home

After working out earlier in the week, this was my first run since coming back from Fuerteventura. Dididn’t feel too bad, but lots of – ahem! – “interval traing”, shall we say 🙂

Weight is down 3.3lbs since Monday … which is nice.