Five Years Old

So today it’s five years since the Death Star – as it’s been called – came home.

I celebrated by taking it to get its MoT done – another pass – along with an annual service at Jack Lilley Romford.

It has now covered 9,484 miles (2017 6,954 miles and 2016 5,516 miles).

I test rode the new Tiger 1200 XRt at the same time. Good power, much more upright riding position and all of the toys, including cruise control and heated rider and passenger seats as well as automagic suspension adjustment. On the minus side, after not too long riding it, I had a numb bum so how it would cope with a Eurothrash, I didn’t know. Oh and the small matter of it costing £17,800 with panniers and top box! Ouch! Remember that the Sprint GT was only £8,500 (£9,500 today with inflation).

So I’m hoping that with the bar risers fitted, the Death Star might have a few years’ life left in it yet. I’ll find out tomorrow when I’m planning a blast around Kent and East Sussex.

Johannesburg Treadmill Running

My first run in 6½ weeks! Away in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa on business so after a 12 hour day with a Client, I decided to hit the treadmill in the Park Inn by Radisson

Bank Holiday Cycling 25km

We were supposed to be running a half marathon today in Milton Keynes but simply weren’t prepared, so instead we did a cheeky 25km cycle ride.

9 months since my last cycle ride. 9 months. Oh yes.

Emailmovers Irony Filter Broken

Whilst checking my Spam folder earlier, I found one sent direct to one of my email addresses by our old friends Emailmovers who have a history of playing fast and loose with the law when it comes to Spam (see for instance this post and this article).

“See how Emailmovers can help you with your marketing post GDPR”

Oh really?

And worse still, Emailmovers’ website currently says:

“Working closely with the DMA and ICO we are making sure all our data is GDPR ready for May 2018”

Well, clearly it’s not, but there’s no surprise there, is there?