Vegetarian Marathon Runner Diet Plan

Just putting this lot here as a reference for some advice and meal plans.

Although I’m largely omnivorous, I’m currently tending towards being pescatarian and/or a bad vegetarian; going vegan is a step too far for me at the moment, although we’ve just bought some vegan cookbooks, so you never know.


Virgin London Marathon 2020

Well we’re trying yet again to run our home marathon: the Virgin London Marathon on 26 April 2020.

No doubt we’ll be unsuccessful as usual in the ballot which can be found here:

VLM Ballot Entry

Be quick though: entries close at 5pm today.

Solna, Sweden 5k

Tricky run this evening around the Hagaparken: chilly and a tight chest (tree pollen or asthma maybe?)

We have also bought some Garmin Index Scales which are wireless and mean we can track our weight individually direct into Garmin Connect without having to use a watch and then upload from there; much easier.

Talking of which, my weight is down 0.4kg since the start of 2019.

Barcelona Treadmill and Gym Bike

Went to the gym before breakfast at the H1898 and found the treadmill was occupied by a walker, so whilst I waited I did a stint on the bike.

Then I was too hungry to run to far – plus Mrs RHM had finished her workout – so just a short treadmill run.

Barcelona Treadmill Running

To celebrate being 57 years old, I decided that trying to run along La Rambla for the H1898 hotel was going to be nigh-on impossible, so I did a treadmill run before breakfast instead.

Johannesburg Treadmill Running

After a 10km recumbent cycle ride because the treadmills were taken…

Despite precious little exercise since the start of the new year, weight is only up 0.2kg to 93.4kg.