Bennetts: Bike Insurance and Spam Providers

A while back, I obtained a quote from Bennetts for insurance for my ZRX. As it’s modified, I then went through the modifications with them (cosmetic, safety and performance) by telephone and they refused to offer me cover, so I went elsewhere for less with all the modifications covered. Result!

Still, Bennetts are a bit like herpes: once you’ve been there, you keep being reminded of the fact. In their case, it’s because they’ve sold the Bennetts-specific e-mail address to anyone and everyone, it would appear. Perhaps it’s their very carefully worded “privacy” policy:

“BISL Limited, part of the BGL group of companies, which also trades as Dial Direct and Budget and other carefully selected companies may use your information to keep you informed by post, telephone, e-mail or other means of products and services which may be of interest to you. They may also contact you to conduct market research.”

“Carefully selected”? My arse! The selection process must go like this:

Spammer: “Can we buy your e-mail database?”
Bennetts: “Yes.”

So that’s another company on the blacklist.

Writen by RHM

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