Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com

Just had a notification on this blog:

“You registered on WordPress.com 6 years ago!

“Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

I have to say in this time WordPress have continued to update their blogging platform with new features making it so easy to keep your sites up to date. Long may it continue.

Having had a presence online since the early 90s on various platforms, forums and message boards before running my own web business from 1998, I’ve been filling the search engines ever since!

Women in Lingerie: What Could Be Better?

Thanks again to CR Blog for the pointer here.

The new advertising campaign for Elle Macpherson’s Intimates lingerie features the use of MySpace accounts (and apparently YouTube as well) in what is being suggested as a parody of the bogus accounts set up to attract punters to webcam sites.

So they all feature models in Intimates lingerie doing bizarre and unusual things on video… No, not too bizarre: more amusing. Enough of the blurb, on with the linky goodness.