Ali Brooks and Miss Pixie

Well I’ve been very slow to update: I’ve missed out on a shoot with Ali Brooks at a top hotel in Wiltshire, a shoot with Miss Pixie and Ali Brooks at my place and a photoshoot holiday on Fuerteventura with Ali Brooks.

Results can be seen in the Art Nude & Lingerie, Artistic, Fashion and Headshots galleries.

And Miss Pixie was nice enough to leave me a lovely reference:

I had a lovely little evening shoot with Richard and Ali Brooks while I was on shooting trip in London.

We worked on some art nude and sexy lingerie images. Richard had some amazing stockings and shoes for me to dress up in Smile

I would highly recommend working with Richard and I’m looking forward to working with him and Ali Brooks again soon for a longer shoot as we had a little too much fun gossiping hehe Smile

Thanks for a lovely evening!

Ali Brooks and Her Mazda MX5: “Black Widow” Shoot

It took a couple of months, but I finally managed to grab a photoshoot with Ali Brooks and her new Mazda MX5 Sport Venture at the weekend.

We decided to make it a fashion shoot rather than a lingerie or nude one and our latest order of latex hasn’t yet arrived from Westward Bound or Pandora Deluxe Latex, so we ventured out – geddit? – on Sunday morning to a nearby location, bumped the MX5 up onto the pavement next to the “Curlicue” statue and shot away.  Ali looked great in her LBD, Gio Manhattan fully fashioned nylons and her new Christian Louboutin “So Kate” heels, accessorised with a hat and satin opera gloves.

The results can be found in the Fashion portfolio.

Then back, quick change a few boudoir nudes, some involving those fabulous new Louboutins.

Zara Watson

A couple of days after getting back from Fuerteventura, it was off to Saracen House Studio in Milton Keynes to do a shoot I’d planned a couple of months back with the gorgeous Zara Watson.

As it was Good Friday and as Ali Brooks was still here in London with me, she came along for the ride and took her modelling stuff with her to combine a solo shoot with Zara with some joint shots.

And very pleased I am too with the results, which can be seen in the Headshots and Lingerie galleries.

And Zara has just left me a lovely reference over on PurplePort:

“Worked with Richard as part of my studio day at Saracen House Studio. He is a very lovely guy, friendy, funny, easy going …a pleasure to work with.

“He also brought along his lovely partner Ali Brooks (another model) whom i worked with, she is also a great lady, easy to get on and work with.

“We shot a mixture of styles and Richard has been so kind as to send me the images from the shoot, which are great.

I would definitely recommend Richard , a sound, respectful guy. I would work with him again without any hesitation. Big smile

Thanks a million Smile x”

Ali Brooks Reprised – Not Worksafe!

Having had a really lovely shoot with Ali Brooks last month, I thought I’d do her justice by getting her into a studio in London and so we did just that on March 1st at The Factory, which I thoroughly recommend.

So Ali and I had a great time, shooting nudes, lingerie and latex.

The results can be found in the Lingerie and Fetish portfolios.

And the good news for London photographers is that Ali is planning to move up to London from the South-West this summer, so watch this space for many more photoshoots with this fantastic model.

London Fashion Weekend 2014

I was lucky enough to be invited back again to shoot the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend on 22 February 2014.

London Fashion Weekend Photographer

The photographers had a briefing beforehand before being given passes to get into the show and grab our places in the pit. I ended up shooting something like 800 images from which I selected a few ones I like, which are now in a separate portfolio called, amazingly, London Fashion Weekend 2014.

This year, I was using a new zoom lens but added a monopod and battery grip to my shopping list (now sourced) to cope better for next year.

Thanks to the British Fashion Council and Canon Professional Services.

Ali Brooks Comes To London

Last weekend, the fabulous Ali Brooks came up to London to shoot and drink champagne with me!

We’ve not worked before but we clicked immediately and managed to get some shots I’m really pleased with.

Some of the results are in the Fetish, Lingerie and Glamour portfolios.

Afterwards, Ali left me a lovely recommendation:

“Went and shot with Richard… Well what can I say.. Had a fantastic 2 days shooting.. Was a very fun and productive shoot.. Richard is both professional and very friendly and was very comfortable working together. Would highly recommend working with Richard.. I’ve already booked to work with him again.. So can’t wait xxx Wink

And yes, the next shoot is in March, this time in a studio to really do her justice!

Marlyn Lindsay at my London Apartment

I’ve not updated this site for way too long: my PurplePort portfolio is the place for up-to-date shots, by the way.

But I had the second of two shoots yesterday at my apartment with the superb Marlyn Lindsay: both have included proper seamed, fully-fashioned nylons and a variety of outfits matched with Jimmy Choo and Frederick’s of Hollywood stiletto heels.

Some handmade shoes from Fabulously Fetish in Marlyn’s size – size 4 – are still on order, sadly, although this does mean we’ll have to shoot again soon when they arrive.

Anyway, there are some images in the Fetish and the Glamour portfolio pages.

December So Far…

Well November ended on a high: whilst up in Norfolk for the weekend, I took Amy – Jack baled out at the last moment – to see London Grammar play the Open in Norwich and very good they were too (as expected).

Hannah Reid of London Grammar at the Open, Norwich
Hannah Reid of London Grammar at the Open, Norwich
London Grammar at the Open, Norwich
London Grammar at the Open, Norwich

I was also impressed in particular by one of the support acts: Josh Record, who may or may not use my suggestion of “Geoff” for the title of their presently unnamed track. Or not.

Josh Record at the Open, Norwich
Josh Record at the Open, Norwich

Tuesday of the following week and I was back off to Canada; Toronto this time to speak at a major exhibition (people actually had to pay to see me speaking). This time, it was a morning flight so I arrived at lunchtime EDT . Straight from the Airport via our offices to check the venue out for the following day, then off to the hotel to do a quick shower and change and back out for the evening: dinner at the Toronto Maple Leafs where their top player, Phil Kessel, celebrated his career 200th goal after scoring against the San Jose Sharks. Very enjoyable evening.

Toronto Maple Leafs v San Jose Sharks
Toronto Maple Leafs v San Jose Sharks

Wednesday and it was up early for breakfast and meeting colleagues before heading down to the convention centre to do my thing. A quick drink afterwards – bought for me by an ex-pat British lawyer (I didn’t have time to get her name) – then off to the airport for the red-eye to Heathrow.

Friday I had the day off: I was heading down to Gloucester for the PurplePort social. Great fun with lots of drink and chat: Katra was memorable for touching my face all evening looking for (non-existent) plastic surgery scars and Ali was memorable for not falling out of her corset despite all odds!

After breakfast, I headed back to London … via Bourton-on-the-Water where I lived when I was a little boy and we’d come back to the UK from Malta. I’d been taught our address parrot-fashion as we all do with our kids, so I popped it in to Waze on my iPhone and headed there. It was still as I remembered it, bar the houses that had been built behind the bungalow. Off into the village centre which was as I remembered it for a coffee and a walk around.

Fosse View
Fosse View
Selfie in Bourton
Selfie in Bourton

More of the same the following week – another seminar to give in London – and then the following week was fabulous, starting with the Placebo gig at Brixton on Monday 16th with GT. Really, really good they were too and it was nice to see GT after a few weeks.

Placebo at the O2 Academy, Brixton
Placebo at the O2 Academy, Brixton
Placebo at the O2 Academy, Brixton
Placebo at the O2 Academy, Brixton

Later that week, in Crawley at a Client’s, I dropped the RX-8 off at the nearby dealer to see if they could sort out the headlight washers: hitting a pheasant at {cough} MPH had split and lost the thick hose that feeds the headlight washers. They have had to order-in the hose which will be a massive £380 fitted! Expensive car, this one. Then back on Thursday evening for the company Christmas Dinner Cruise along the Thames, during which I gave a younger colleague a pep-talk about his forthcoming new baby and how he shouldn’t envy my lifestyle. He didn’t go home that night, apparently. So much for mentoring…

Friday I had the afternoon off as a friend, NT, was coming to stay at mine for the weekend. I picked her up from the railway station and we stopped off at London Bridge to pick up my car from the office where I’d left it overnight. As it was a lovely day, I took her up the Shard – fnarr! – before heading home. A lovely steak at Gaucho that evening. Saturday she wanted to do some shopping for her kids so we went up to Camden; tapas and t-shirts. Saturday and it was off to Le Pont de la Tour for dinner from their tasting menu. Excellent nosh.

NT at Tower Bridge
NT at Tower Bridge

Then into the Christmas Week: Christmas Eve was peculiar as due to the storms that hit the UK, I was one of the first into the office and it remained that way until mid-morning when just a few made it in. Drinks and snacks at the pub and then home. Christmas Day and I’d been invited to GT’s for what was a lovely Christmas Dinner including her fabulous Cheesy Chestnut Roast. Feeling bloated, I headed home to an early night before heading up to Norfolk for Boxing Day and the first of two defeats this week for Norwich City.

New Year’s Eve beckons now – after a shoot I have planned tomorrow with Marlyn Lindsay – and my plans include a possible NYE at Slimelight. I did wonder about grabbing a last-minute flight to Moscow to see the New Year in with Manuel and Angelo (friends from Route 66) but flights are stupidly expensive for what would be a one-night stay!