Lots of Spam From Hashtag Events

It looks like Andrew Charlton has bought himself a spammer’s mailing list and is happily churning out spams about events no-one cares about.

And then of course he adds the usual lies at the bottom of each email to pretend it’s legitimate:

“You received this email because you subscribed to our list and have opted in to receive news, offers and deals from our partners.”

No, I really didn’t! Never heard of you before, Hashtag Business Services Limited. Still, given he’s already had one company dissolved (Exposure Business Events Limited) and almost had another one go – only just saved by the bell, according to Companies House – you can maybe understand the desperation.

Daios Cove Treadmill

Three weeks after surgery on my pelvis for the removal of my metalwork and pins and six months after my last attempt at running, I was never going to set any records…

Goodbye 2000 RM; Hello 3 RHM

Whilst the Kawasaki is off the road – whilst I recover from my serious crash last year – I thought I’d take the opportunity to swap the numberplate over, as the ZRX’s ‘plate is ‘better’ than the Abarth’s.

Getting them off the vehicles and onto retention certificates was easy online but I then hit a snag in that you can’t immediately reassign them until the new registration documents (that you won’t be using for anything else other than immediately making them obsolete) arrived.

Great! So whilst the bike is fine in my garage, I had to park the 124 on a private road for a couple of days until I could get it reinsured with its new numberplate.

So 2000 RM is no more (in terms of the 124); long live 3 RHM!