The Last Laugh

Toy Yoda

My inital reaction was to laugh out loud at this woman who should have listened more carefully to what was on offer in what was apparently an April Fool’s Day prank.

But this is from America where they have loads of ambulance-chasing lawyers and where the Courts are open to the most bizarre and spurious claims (which only tends to reinforce the ‘only in America’ stereotype). So of course the company has settled out of Court with her…

DBS Datamarketing Liars. Oh and Toyota GB Still Spamming

Remember I mentioned that Toyota GB were spamming me thanks to good old Spammers, DBS?

Well guess what? When Jenna Bibby from DBS Datamarketing told me on 17 January 2007 that:

“I can confirm that your email address has now been permanently removed from our system”

she was lying to me, as Toyota GB spammed me two days later.

And no, there wasn’t an issue with the lists already being in the system for that one, because I received another spam from “Toyota (GB) PLC in Association with DBS []” today about some crappy “Toyota Arse” or something.

Oh and I asked Jenna Bibby about this on 19 January 2007 and haven’t yet received a lie reply from her yet. I wonder why?

Toyota Spamming with DBS

So you know all that stuff with T-Mobile?

Well I recently (Wednesday 17th) received this e-mail from DBS data marketing (or are they DBS Datamarketing Limited – seems they can’t even decide on what their company name is):

“Thank you for your email. Your email address originates from  Business Flight Search ( ) with an opt in date of 09/12/03.

“I can confirm that your email address has now been permanently removed from our system.”

Never heard of them. Never used them. Never opted-in. A lie.

So when DBS data whatever say “permanently removed”, how long would you think that would mean? Permanently? Forever? No. Two days!

This time, it’s Toyota GB spamming me: “Your details were obtained from DBS Datamarketing Limited…” and they used spammer eCircle AG to send their shite to me.

Dingles Toyota (Norwich) whose name appears in the e-mail haven’t telephoned me back about this. I have also made a formal complaint to Toyota GB as by sending me this spam, they are in breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as enacted by Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 2426 – in other words, Toyota GB has broken the law and can be sued for damages by me and is liable to action by the Information Commissioner.