Barcelona Images

In other news, I’ve just had a quick city break to Barcelona this week and took in some of the sights and sounds whilst I was there.

Sadly, a lot of the Gaudi architecture was hidden by scaffolding and hoardings as there appeared to be a lot of renovation going on, but I managed to grab some images I quite like whilst walking around.

They can be found in the Lifestyle and Scenic portfolio pages.


Dear Lazyweb…

… I need some help. BlueCo would quite like me to take next week off using my carried-over holidays and frankly, I could do with a break.

Now I would prefer to go to Corralejo yet again and hang out with my friends at the Rock Island Bar but I really want to fly out on Monday and back again on the Friday and sadly flights aren’t looking hopeful for that sort of itinerary.

So I think a city break might be better with flights from London City Airport – a short ride away and a quick and efficient terminal – to either Amsterdam or Barcelona. A nice bit of luxury for my stay, so 5* hotels for a bit of pampering as it won’t add too much to the overall cost.

With Amsterdam, it’s probably the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky as it’s central for all the museums, canals and sights and I’ve heard of it, but where to stay in Barcelona? TimeOut has some suggestions, but which one would be best for a chic, luxurious and cool base? Preferably close to some great restaurants, bars and cafés.