Skydive Fail Redux

Another great weekend: an early-ish start for me, as I had another photoshoot planned with the fab Anita De Bauch at her home in North London. She’s a great hostess as well as model: knowing I’m watching my weight and love my coffee, she’d laid on decent coffee and some very low calorie snacks to munch on during the shoot, which was on a Hollywood/Film Noir/Boudoir theme.

Some great results already despite my not really having much if any time for edits on Saturday afternoon before I headed over to Epsom for Dinner and a film: the really rather dull “Paranormal Activity 2”.

Sunday morning and off we went over towards Swindon for  our second attempt at skydiving … and our second postponement, again due to weather. Grr! Trying again in October.

Back to Epsom before heading out for an 11.5 miles bike ride over the downs and country parks accompanying GT who’s doing another half marathon in a couple of weeks and hasn’t really trained. Trained? Trust me, she doesn’t need to: she treated it with disdain like a stroll to the shops. Awesome, as they say…