Revenge Always Has Two Victims

Vicky Pryce has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice over her former husband’s, former MP Chris Huhne’s, speeding offence way back in 2003, 10 years ago. The pair face jail sentences and the CPS are apparently seeking their costs,

The story all unfolded when she decided to leak it to the papers in an act of revenge on her cheating husband.

So how did that work out for you, Vicky? Pleased? Yes, he cheated. Yes, he’s a liar. Yes, he’s a shit. And yes, you got him, didn’t you? But at what cost to you?

Revenge and the feelings that drive a person to it are self-destructive; they will eat you up inside and what are you left with? You’re no better off.

I’m still on the receiving end of a campaign of vengeance by an ex-girlfriend; except in my case I did nothing wrong and she was cheating on me for most of the time we were together with more than one bloke, it seems. What I did do wrong was not taking her back after all that, despite her begging me to, claiming to be carrying our child – that miraculously disappeared when I said she should tell the guy she’s with – and saying she’d dump him at the drop of a hat if I took her back. So for the last two and a half years, she’s been making up lies and trying to get me in trouble  and all because of what she did. It’s broken up her family. She’s even blamed others for somehow making her do it! I’d have thought the guy she’s with(ish) would have told her to get over it and forget it, but no, she’s continuing it with his blessing. Weird.

I’ve found that forgiveness actually set me free and has allowed me to be happy. Oh sure, the realisation of how I was played at the time and the amount of hassle she caused at first wasn’t easy to swallow, but it was not a positive thing to dwell on it. So I forgave and put it behind me. The bonus is I can claim the moral high ground too!

I hope that both Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne can learn to forgive each other and try to move forward after their sentences (such as they may be) because they’ll be all the better for it. And in the meantime, this whole sorry tale should be a lesson to everyone.

The Trouble With Stalkers…

I updated this blog on December 27th with an update on what I’d been up to and in so doing I made a passing comment about how I’m being stalked by an obsessive individual on an ongoing, regular basis. The update was published online at 9.43PM.

And guess what? There was a visit from the stalker less than an hour later: at 10.37PM. And just for good measure, they visited again a little later at 11.41PM for a second look.

It is truly mind-boggling – and not a bit sad – that they don’t get on with their own lives, albeit they’re living a lie. Another one; one of too many to count.